• Is the heating throughout your home even? Is your house consistently too chilly? Are you really really having problems with your furnace or heating system? Hearing any loud noises from the furnace or air handler?

  • Does your heating system never cycle off – running all of the time? Ar your energy bills REALLY high? Do you want to find out more about how a heat pump could operate in your house?

    Our company has been making sure that local homeowners and business owner are comfortable, for more than a decade. We will do no less for you.

    We arrive on time and finish our work quickly and cleanly. Companies and residents understand they can depend on us to do our job well.

    We’re dedicated to making certain all houses stay comfortable year round and we would like to add your name to our growing record of happy customers.

    You may depend on our uniformed service technicians to always treat you and your home or place of business with care and respect and to help you with your heating and cooling needs.

    Home and business heating systems work best when they are properly maintained on a regular basis.

    We fix, install, replace and perform preventive care for the following:

    — Central Heating

    — Double Side Wall Heaters

    — Heat & Ventilation Ducts

    — Hearths

    — Flooring Furnaces/Heaters

    — Gas and Electrical Units

    — Heat Pumps

    — Rooftop Package Units

    — Wall Furnaces/Heaters

    — Zoning Systems

    Our service vehicles will arrive at their appointed time, fully equipped with all the essential tools and replacement parts.

    We offer:

    — Fixed pricing

    — Trustworthy and professional service

    — Same day appointment scheduling

    If you are aware of any issues with your HVAC system, it is important to get them checked as soon as possible to avoid the risk of anything becoming dangerous or expensive to fix.

    Give us a call NOW to schedule a maintenance check! (706) 367-0336

    Our highly trained Service Technicians are ready to take your call NOW! (706) 367-0336

Furnace Facts:  Energy Efficiency 

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating determines how efficient the furnace converts most of it’s fuel into heat for your home.  

The higher the percentage the more energy efficient the furnace.  A 90% AFUE rated furnace converts 90% of the fuel (natural gas or propane) into heat for your home.  A furnace with a 92% AFUE rating is considered HIGH EFFICIENCY.

Most efficient furnaces can save you up to 20% on your heating bill.  To maximize your savings and save on costly repairs be sure to maintain the furnace…clogged air filters, holes in the ducts and other broken parts will reduce the efficiency. 

 Please keep us in-mind when it comes to an Energy Savings Maintenance Plan for your system.


heating-jefferson-gaIt takes skilled workmanship and years of knowledge to diagnose the cause of the problem with heat exchangers, thermostats, burners, ignition controls, gas pressure levels, draft & venting pipes, flame sensors and gas valves.

Indoor Comfort Provides:
* NATE certified and trained technicians for evenings and weekends
* Installation, service and repairs for Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces & Heat Pumps
* Lifetime parts and labor warranty on all repairs with a maintenance agreement
* Precision tune-ups for Gas Furnace (15-Point Service), Air Conditioning (13-Point Service), Heat Pumps (13-Point Service) & Electric   
   Furnace (10-Point Service)

                                We carefully look at the Health & Safety issues:  Gas Leaks, Safety Controls and Proper Venting/Exhaust lift for your system.